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Jeugdzorg in Noord Holland

december 2nd, 2011

Vandaag ben ik wederom gebeld door een dame die een klacht had over het functioneren van de jeugdzorg in Noord Holland.

Binnenkort ga ik op bezoek bij BJZO – Haarlem en laat me informeren over hun manier van werken en hoe ze met klachten omgaan.

Werkbezoek Teylers museum te Haarlem

december 2nd, 2011

Teylers Museum heeft de leden van de Commissie Zorg, Cultuur en Middelen afgelopen maandag uitgenodigd voor een algemene kennismaking met het museum en ambitie om Teylers op de Werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO geplaatst te krijgen.

De commissie steunt hun ambitie !

Het werkbezoek was heel indrukwekkend.

Protect the Assyrian Monastery Mor Gabriel in Turkey

december 2nd, 2011

On January 26th 2011 the highest court in Ankara ruled that large parts of the possession of the Mor
Gabriel monastery will be taken away from it. The 1600 years-old monastery has owned the land for
centuries but has been unable to register it so far because of bureaucratic stonewalling. However it is
undeniable that the monastery shall be recognized as the owner of the land. It is a matter of fact that
the monastery since 1937 regularly pays property fees.

The many ongoing lawsuits against the monastery strongly suggest that the monastery is no longer
wanted to exist. Moreover members of the Syrian orthodox community living near the monastery have
recently suffered under serious attacks in which also their houses have been set on fire.
Despite some attempts of the Turkish Government to improve the situations of Syrian Orthodox living
in Turkey they continuously suffer under ongoing attacks and threats against themselves and their
properties. The Government in these cases does not provide the expected protection.

Member of the European Parliament Elmar Brok MdEP has already expressed this very unsatisfactory
situation in a letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Erdogan, dated February 7th 2011.
The subscribers listed below share the given criticism and declare solidarity with the Syrian orthodox
community in Turkey, Germany and across Europe. Elmar Brok MdEP has taken patronage on this

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